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New Nature's Choice Grilling/Oven Wraps

New Nature's Choice Grilling/Oven Wraps

This is a great new way to enjoy cooking with wood.  Grilling/Oven Wraps are wafer thin sheets of aromatic woods used for cooking single size portions of foods on your covered grill or home oven.  Many have had wonderful results using a covered heavy fry pan too!

Different wood types are show below suggesting the types of foods that might benefit most from that type of aromatic wood wrap.  Only your taste buds will discover your favorites.  Try the variety pack to choose all available flavors.

Use aromatic wraps side by side with longer lasting thicker cut cooking and grilling planks for a wide variety menu.

*Wood Type Best Uses*
Alder (delicate smoke flavor)-fish, poultry, pork & veggies
Maple (mild & sweet smoky flavor)-veggies
Cedar (deep lenient wood smoke)-seafood, pork, beef or other bold flavor foods.

Suggested Use Guide:
*Soak wraps for 10 to 15 minutes in water, juice or wine.
*Place some sprigs of fresh herbs on moist wrap (optional).
*Place food you plan to cook in moist wrap.
*Roll wrap around food a clip with metal clip or twine.
*Cook on indirect heat on covered grill or in oven at about 350d. Always have water handy for flare ups.
*Place pan under wraps when using oven for drippings.
*Serve cooked food and wrap directly on dinner plate.
*Grilling/oven wraps can be used only once.

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