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Nature's Choice Smoke/Roast Burger Grilling Planks
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Nature's Choice Smoke/Roast
Burger Planks

It is a real dilema-how do you grill a large gourmet burger cooked to perfection.  It's tough.  By the time the meats internal temperature hits the proper level the outside is hard as a hockey puck.  Well till now--tough bounce!

  Here Is The Answer!!  

Our new Smoke/Roast Burger Planks are a perfect addition to your grilling accessories.  Super simple and super inexpensive to use.  Now every one can have their own perfectly prepared and cooked burger.  Some of your guests will want a 1/2 lb ground chuck burger another may want their burger in turkey or perhaps buffalo.  Your entire grill of burgers will not mingle flavors because each of them is cooked on thier own plank. 
Here is how:
  1. Soak each grilling plank for about 1 hour before hitting the grill.
  2. Want to save some time with this step?  Burgers on the grill can be a last minute idea-use a gallon size zipper bag and presoak several planks ahead of time, after they have soaked an hour or so drain off the excess water from the planks and wrap each one in plastic wrap and place them all in a dry zipper bag and put them all into the freezer.  Soaked burger planks are ready whenever you are.  After the plastic has been removed they can be placed directly on the grill to scorch the food side-they will defrost in seconds and soon be ready to go with out a minute lost.  No muss or fuss!
  3. Mix your recipe choices of burger meats and form into patties from 4 oz to 8 or 10 oz.
  4. Fire up your covered grill and heat the smooth side of the plank facing down for about 10 min.
  5. Flip the planks so the fire side (rough one) is now facing down.
  6. Spray or spread some olive oil on the food side of plank
  7. Add one patty to each plank.
  8. No need to flip the patties just cook until the internal temperature of the meat hits the proper temp.
Because the these planks are crafted to the correct size 5.5" square they allow the smoldering plank to infuse the wondeful smokey flavor to your burgers from all sides.  The flavors will amaze you.  Your perfectly seasoned burgers plus a mild smokey cedar aroma.

I have tested all sizes of planks for burgers, nothing works better than our Smoke/Roast Burger Planks.  This size also works perfectly for 4-6oz seafood fillets.  Can they be used more than once-yes but remember the food surface must be cleaned first-resoak and reheat food surface of each plank before adding your burger pattie.  The second use will not create as much smoke as the first use.

All single sets ordered will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail in large Flat Rate Boxes.  Larger orders will be shipped via FedEx Ground.

Order Your Set Today And Get Ready To Enjoy Perfectly Planked Burgers!!

Each Plank set includes 40 pc Smoke/Roast Burger Planks

This is also a perfect plank for 4-6oz seafood fillets

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