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Cedar Grilling Plank 8 Inch Single Serving 140 pc Commercial Set
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 8 inch Commercial Plank Set 140 Pc.

Your grilled meats and vegetables have never tasted better. Natural Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks (a renewable resource) help provide one of the most unique, flavorful and healthy forms of cooking from your own backyard grill.  A properly prepared Western Red Cedar Plank gives your great foods a genuine smoky flavor plus they stay more moist during the cooking process. Your flavorful grilled foods and the neighborhood aroma from the Cedar smoke will truly be a memorable.

Soak your planks in water, juice, wine beer, cider or vinegar for 1/2 hour or more. Heat the smooth cooking side of plank on your grill for about 5 min. then turn over and add your food directly on the plank.
You can see a complete users guide as well as recipes on the "Nature's Choice" web site. Click on the links on the left to veiw the story for yourself.

Purchase your direct from the producer and $ave!!

Each offer includes 140 bulk packed boards-8" x 5.5" x .5" Natural Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks. This size is perfect for as many as 1 boneless medium size bone in chicken breast, a 2 person boneless pork loin roast or perhaps 2 med. size burger patties or medium size seafood fillet.

Excellent size to move from grill directly to serving plate or platter.

Plank Size Each plank measures approx 8" x 5.5" x 1/2"
Bulk Packed 140pc. Set Save packaging costs when you buy in bulk form.
Features Benefits
Single Serving Size No need to waste a full size plank for small portions
Bulk Packed Set Save purchasing in bulk with out expensive packaging and labels
All Natural Western Red Cedar Purchase directly from the producer and save money, No middle man.
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