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Priced Right Everyday!
Nature's Choice 15 Inch Thin Cut and Thick Cut Cedar Grilling Planks
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Purchase both "Nature's Choice" thin cut (for quick cook foods) and also our thicker cuts (for full size meats) All Natural Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks at a $ale price.

If you haven't experienced the sensational flavors of a whole chicken or a whole pork shoulder roast cooked on a thick cut cedar plank on your grill you will be amazed. The flavor, moisture, aroma and the tenderness of these types of meats cooked on a thick cut plank are memorable. The extra thickness are necessary because of the extended cooking times required to complete your meal.
Your grilled meats and vegetables have never tasted better. Natural Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks (a renewable resource) help provide one of the most unique, flavorful and healthy forms of cooking from your own backyard grill. Originally used by American Indians on the West and East Coast to help cook their meals. Many believe the cooking method dates back to the Scandinavian method for fish. A properly prepared Western Red Cedar Plank gives your great foods a genuine smoky flavor plus they stay moist during the cooking process. Your flavorful grilled foods and the neighborhood aroma from the Cedar smoke will truly be a memorable.

Soak your planks in water, juice, wine beer, cider or vinegar for 1/2 hour or more. Heat the smooth cooking side of plank on your grill for about 5 min. then turn over and add your food directly on the plank.

You can see a complete users guide as well as recipes on the "Nature's Choice" web site. Click the links on left for excellent info.

Each offer includes 12 boards-approx. size 15" x 5.5" x .5" Natural Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks. This size if perfect for as many as 3 boneless chicken breasts or a 3lb. boneless pork loin roast. They are designed for one time use on your gas or charcoal covered grill.


This offer also includes "Nature's Choice" thicker varieties of Cedar Aromatic Cooking Planks.
Included is 4 bulk packed-15" x 7.5" x .75" Cedar Planks

16 Bulk Packed Cedar Grilling Planks Total

The thicker cuts are the perfect sizes for whole chickens, 5 or 6lbs. pork roasts , 1/2 pork loin roasts or maybe even a whole bone in or boneless turkey breast. They are thicker than my 1/2" thick varieties so a longer grill cooking time can be accommodated. I've used them for up to 1 1/2 to 2hrs. with 350d heat on my grill before they became used up. Well enough time for the above meats. I like to use a thinner plank along with these thicker ones for my veggies. It doesn't take as long to prepare them so I do not have to use a thick plank. All cooking planks offered feature a smooth milled cooking surface.
12 pc. Thin Plank Size Each planks measures approx. 15x5.5x1/2"
4 pc. Thick Plank Size Each plank measures approx. 15x7.5x3/4"
Bulk Packed 16pc. Set Save packaging costs when you buy in bulk.
Features Benefits
Thin and Thick Cut Grilling Plank Como Pack Enjoy the convience with all thickness of cedar planks on hand. Thin cuts for quick cook items and thick cuts for entrees with longer cooking times.
Producer Direct Prices Purchase directly from the producer and save money. No middle man.
All Natural Western Red Cedar No additives, renewable resource, most popular plank wood type, crafted from real lumber
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.5
VersitalThis selection worked out for me just fine. I have some thin planks for quicker cook foods and some thick ones for my pork roasts. They last just the right length of time to finish smoking up the neighborhood, just like you said Larry, and giving the roasts that wonderful cedar aroma. Mom came for a cookout over the holidays and she just loved them too. Written by Joanee Peterson on Wed 20 Jan 2010 9:06:12 PM GMT
Recipe SectionI love the recipe section on this site. I will be submiting my favoites. Love the veggie ones. Written by Barbara Weller on Sun 10 Aug 2008 9:19:45 PM GMT
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