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Pro's 60 Grilling Plank Set
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Pro's 60 Grilling Plank Set

Frequently I review the data accumulated from visitation and purchases made by the SuperStores customers.  This data always shows that while we enjoy a large number of new customers it is easy to see that our repeat customers have been the backbone of our success.  There are several helpful sets included in the SuperStore for novice plankmasters that help discover just how much flavor plank cooking can add and help preserve in the foods we grill.  In addition we offer many sets for the more prolific plankmasters out there.  Each set seems to have its fans and is purchased regularly by them.  This set is designed for the avid and adventurous plankmaster that enjoys preparing really terrific food from their grill for family and friends.  

Introducing the Pro's 60 Grilling Plank Set!!

As you can see this is an all natural Western Red Cedar grilling plank set and it is of significant in size--It includes a full 60 FEET of #1 quality plank cooking surface!  Many of us enjoy using more than just one plank at a time when we prepare meals on the grill.  With this set there is plenty of larger planks for numerous seafood fillets or whole fish, chicken parts, brats, chops as the main entree plus smaller planks to prepare appetizers, veggies or even desserts.  We can't forget the Smoke/Roast Burger Plank, there are 16 of them.  With our burger plank you can prepare each burger patty for each member of your dinner party.  Never again mix turkey burgers with your cousins salmon patty or uncle Bobs Buffalo burger.  Every patty gets its own plank for even moist smoky flavor. 

Includes a size for nearly every entree from appitizers to desserts and everything in between!!

See the Specifications section below for details on all that is included in our offer:

18" Nature's Choice Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks 12 pieces
15" Nature's Choice Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks 12 pieces
12" Nature's Choice Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks 12 pieces
8" Nature's Choice Single Serving Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks 12 pieces
Smoke/Roast Burger Planks From Nature's Choice 16 pieces
Total Feet Of Planks Included In This Set 60.33 FEET 64 pieces
Also Included The SuperStore THANK YOU pamphlet and the Smoke/Roast suggested users guide Users guide and recipes
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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SzuIdMdSjI am loving them so far. It is great to have shtimoeng to work towards and have people around me that will motivate and challenge me! I reviewed the plank video you did a while back before starting just as a refresher course Written by Ahmadblole on Sat 11 Aug 2012 7:24:16 AM GMT
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