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Designed For Novice or Grillmaster
Nature's Choice 30pc. Grill Master's Special!!
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Nature’s Choice Signature Grilling Plank Set!

I have been asked frequently for a more complete set of cooking planks for the serious Grilling Chef and the adventurous novice. This is the most complete set of aromatic grilling planks I have found on the Internet today!! This set has just been updated to include our top selling Salmon Fillet Size Plank.

All planks and wraps included in this set can be used in your home oven. Our "Use Guide" on this site will offer great tips for oven plank cooking. No need to invest in an expensive oven plank---just use the ones you got. When used in you oven the planks may be used many times.

A properly prepared Western Red Cedar Plank gives your great foods a genuine smoky flavor plus they stay moist during the cooking process. Your flavorful grilled foods and the neighborhood aroma from the Cedar smoke will truly be a memorable. We do our best to ensure the planks we offer produce the most smoke. We mill the food surface and the edges smooth and do our best to leave the fire side in a rough form. This rough surface smolders away very quickly but because there is more surface there during the early smoldering process there is more smoke produced to infuse your entree.

Here Is What You Get!!!

(*) This offering includes a terrific selection of thin and thick cut planks. Your recipes and number of guests vary. I have included several sizes of planks in this package to accommodate many of those occasions. I often use more than one type of plank when I am cooking on the grill. Thick cut planks for longer possible cooking times for whole chickens and pork roasts. Thinner cut planks for great seafood, pork chops and poultry fillets. Also included are thin shorter planks for smaller serving sizes and veggie/dessert sides. Tons of recipes in the “Plank Cooking” Cookbook also included. The best selling plank cooking cookbook on the market.

(*) One plastic spray bottle, a necessity for plank cooking on the grill. Quickly snuff out unexpected flare ups.

Altogether there are a total of 30 pieces in this offering. Purchased separately the cost would equal $168.39 retail. Our producer direct price separately is $106.66. Our Grill Master's Set Price is only $79.49. Purchase this set and $ave then enjoy your grilling season with delicious foods in your own back yard!
12" Thin Cut 6pc. Variety Pack Each plank measures approx. 12x5.5x1/2". 2 planks are flat tops, 2 are with herb pots and 2 have smoke ports.
15" Thin Cut 6pc. Variety Pack Each plank measures approx. 15x5.5x1/2". 2 planks are flat tops, 2 are with herb pots and 2 have smoke ports.
8" Single Serving 6pc. Set Each plank measures approx. 8x5.5x1/2".
5.5" Salmon Fillet Size 6pc Set Perfect for smaller size individual fillet or for horderves
12" Thick Cut 2pc. Set Each plank measures approx. 12x7.5x3/4".
15" Thick Cut 2pc. Set Each plank measures approx. 15x7.5x3/4".
Plank Cooking Cookbook "Plank Cooking" 152 page Cookbook Included.
Spray Bottle One spray bottle to help control fire ups.
Bulk Packed 30pc. Set Save packaging costs when you buy in bulk.
Features Benefits
Master Griller's Plank Set Be ready to grill with all the tools you need for any dish!
Producer Direct Prices Purchase directly from the producer and save money. No middle man.
All Natural Western Red Cedar No additives, renewable resource, most popular plank wood type, crafted from real lumber.
Huge Selection of Planks Included Enough planks to last the entire season.
Top Selling Plank Cooking Cookbook Hundreds of delicious recipes to dazzle your friends with.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 4.7
Great thick planksI have used three other brands of cedar planks. The main difference with these is that they are thicker than the ones I have used before. What that means is that instead of getting one use out of them, I can usually get 2 or 3 uses. Also, I ordered this and some other planks to get my total over $100 to get free shipping....which is a big deal since the box weighed over 20lbs. I wish they carried other types of planks. I had to order hickory, alder, etc. from a different company. The shipping was expensive and the boards are not as many uses per board. Written by Mantz on Tue 16 Mar 2010 2:12:13 AM GMT
I am a beginnerI ordered this set to learn how to enjoy plank cooking. The cookbook is great and the pieces included in the set work well with the recipes. Between the cookbook and all the variety of planks in the set I can learn the art of plank cookery. Shipped fast and complete with a fair price. Written by Tim Obrian on Sun 21 Feb 2010 7:15:08 PM GMT
Very UsefulAll items in this set became very useful to me as I experienced cooking with planks. The cookbook helped me become a quick study. I have been using them all Summer. You need to add planks that can be used in a home oven. Written by paul johnson on Sun 10 Aug 2008 9:11:34 PM GMT
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