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Creekside Furniture's campfire starter is one of our original product offerings and has been sold all over the Country since 1993.  It is widely offered at camp stores as well as convince and sporting goods stores though out the USA.  Because it is a safe and dependable tool for starting campfires, it is readily used by family campers as well as backpackers needing a light weight fire starter to carry with them on their journeys.  Campground owners like the fact that it does not flash start and is not risky to use like a liquid fuel or newspaper that could blow out of the fire pit after lighting and cause fire damage or worse-forest fires!

Nature's Choice Campfire Starters are packed in a resalable moisture resistant zipper bag.  Each bag contains 24 starter cakes and a box of Diamond wooden penny strike anywhere matches.  Muffins consist of wood shavings from our own shop mixed with paraffin to insure an easy dependable fire starter.  Our starter do not flash start, the flame safely and gradually increases in size up to 8" high. 

Use Directions:  Assemble some dry wood in a tee pee shape in a safe campfire pit using wood 1 to 3" in diameter.  Place one or two campfire muffins under the tee pee of wood, the wood should be from 3 to 5" above the fire starters.  Light the muffins and set back and joy the pleasures of the Great Outdoors. 

Attn: Retailers-Nature's Choice Campfire Starter packaging includes a front label describing the product and a back label that gives directions for use and warnings about misuse.  The back label also includes product scannable UPC. 


Always Build Your Campfires In A Designated Campfire Area With Water Near By

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