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Welcome To The Home Of Nature's Choice Grilling Planks

Welcome To The Home Of Nature's Choice Grilling Planks


Oh! That Beautiful Planked Salmon-Melts In Your Mouth

Why Nature's Choice Grilling Planks?

  1. We only use all natural Western Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest USA
  2. We never use left over board ends only fresh clean western  red cedar lumber.
  3. We do not offer seconds--we don't have any--#1 Quality cedar lumber creates the best grilling planks with very little scrap.
  4. Nature's Choice grilling planks are thicker than most for longer cooking times
  5. We mill the food side smooth and try to leave the fireside rough for much better initial smoke.
  6. We ship all orders in a new clean cartons to keep your planks food safe and provide stable clean storage for unused planks.
  7. Fresher lumber--Thicker planks--Longer Cooking times--More wonderful smoke--Competitive Pricing

Buy The Best For Less

Nature's Choice Grilling Planks

New Premium Plankmasters Grilling Plank Set From
Nature's Choice
A Full 60 Feet Of Planking Value!
Read More!

Hello Folks, welcome to our Nature's Choice™ grilling plank web site, a member of the Creekside Stores Company.  Here you will find grilling planks and oven cooking planks with the highest quality at producer direct prices.  We strive to offer the most variety of sizes and styles available anywhere.  We offer bulk packed as well as packaged planks sets.  The seasoned plank Chef will appreciate the value of our bulk packed sets and for gift giving you will find our cedar plank packaged sets an appealing option for any occasion.   Excellent choice for the Holidays is our Plank Gift Sets.  Check out all the details for a gift for your favorite griller.

Thank you very much for stopping by.  Please take a moment to browse the products and special values.

Plank cooking is not just for seafood anymore!!
Nature's Choice Has The Best Selection!

Nature's Choice Has The Best Selection!

Our mission is to offer our visitors the best selection of sizes in grilling planks.  Grill and family sizes vary greatly and here you can order just the size that fits your needs.  From our super saver grilling plank single serving size, the popular grilling plank 12 inch length, grilling and oven roasting planks 15 inch, our new 18 inch size  and 24 inch sizes we have your grill and family covered.  This type of plank is terrific for quick cook items like salmon fillets, chicken parts, chops, veggies or steaks.  The single serving sizes are economical and used for sides of veggies or a small entree portion for one person.

We also offer a thicker version of cedar plank for those foods that need a longer cooking time on your grill.  Our thick cut cedar plank in 12 inch size as well as a 15 inch size will last long enough to cook a larger whole chicken or pork roast.  It will also work well in your home oven but not both.  Once used on your grill they are used up.  It can be used in your home oven numerous times.

Enjoy your visit and learn more about using grilling planks or oven roasting planks on our "Grilling Plank Use Guide" and "Plank Cooking Recipe Section".  For your convince we also offer one of the most complete "Plank Cooking" Cookbook available anywhere.

Any questions at all please do not hesitate to email at for a quick response. 

 Just A Bit Of History! 

Over the centuries plank cooking was originally used by the ingenious American Indian.  Historians tell us that they used a slab of wood staked out next to their campfires then straped  the food to it.  The plank helped keep the food clean and moist during the cooking process.  Today's plank cooking is much more simple that during that time.  Now all we need to do is soak the plank in water, juice, wine or other then add your food.  Used in a covered gas or charcoal grill the results are terrific.  Some of the favorite foods are seafood (salmon is wonderful) fillets or whole fish, chicken breasts and veggies.  For larger foods with longer cooking times need to use thicker versions of grilling plank.  You will find those available on this site along with an abundance of sizes of quick cook thinner grilling planks. 

Included on this site is a complete "Plank Cooking Use Guide" as well as a "Plank Cooking Recipe Collection" FREE for your use.  Feel free to print it out for future reference.  Please use the links to the left to review these pages.

Register at the left for our Newsletter containing info on Special Sales and New Products Updates.

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